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  • Books saved my life

    Today I thought I would share with everyone the real truth behind my love for reading. Now I know I have told the story a few times to people on how I became so obsessed with reading after all I used to write and read my own stories when I was child, however, I hardly…

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  • Starting this week on a positive note

    So last week was ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ which motivated me into posting a little more on mental health in the hopes and help of spreading awareness, leading me into thinking a lot more about my own mental health which hasn’t been the best recently and the more I posted about my past struggles and…

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  • Pusheen, Tour, Pusheen on Tour

    Pusheen on Tour – Liverpool – Worlds Apart

    I just want to say before we get into today’s new post that I know that I have been a little absent lately and I do apologise for that, but I’m back with new content, a new giveaway on the way and a exciting announcement on the way! I would also like to thank you…

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